Excelling in the medical sciences: An Interview Session

“Time for a urine dipstick to diagnose liver cancer” – Dr.Nimzing Ladep, [GOSA Set’90] Inventor’s Corner: Simon Taylor-Robinson and Nimzing Ladep an interview by David Barreto Ian 01 June 2014 Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson and Dr Nimzing Ladep (both Medicine) are part of a small team developing a new device to detect liver cancer. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge with liver cancer? STR : In parts of the developing world, liver cancer, linked to Hepatitis B infection, kills nearly four times as many people as HIV/AIDS. This is…

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The ‎GOSA 2015‬ Annual National Convention Magazine (Digital Copy) Now Available

gosa 2015 convention magazine cover

The 2015 ‪#‎GOSA‬ Annual National Convention Magazine (Digital Copy) is now available on our website. You can go through the preview on our website and also download the low quality or high quality version. Just visit https://gosanigeria.com/national-convention to download. Cheers

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